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Fall 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Testimony - Discovering My True Identity
  • Scandalous Good News
  • Red Flags to Alert You to Perverse-Grace Teachings
  • 40 Years Update
  • FAQ - "How can the church be a safer place for those struggling with same sex attraction to go?"

Spring 2016 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article - Open Letter to a Sinner
  • Freedom Found
  • 2015 Year-In-Review
  • FAQ - "How do I explain to someone that being gay is a choice?"

Winter 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article - A Grace-filled and Truthful Response Regarding "Gay Christianity"
  • My Heavenly Friend
  • Upcoming Events
  • Testimony - God Met Me
  • FAQ

Summer 2015 Newsletter #2 (pdf)

  • Feature Article - "Gay Christian" - An Oxymoron
  • FSM Position on 'Gay Christian'
  • Upcoming Events
  • FAQ

Summer 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article So-Called "Gay Marriage" is No Marriage at All
  • Is it OK to Attend a "Gay Wedding"?
  • FSM Position on Advocating for Marriage
  • Upcoming Events
  • 2014 Year-In-Review
  • FAQ, Groups & Staff

Fall 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article Friendships For God's Glory and Our Good
  • Restored Hope Network Conference update
  • Resurrection: The Wrong Side of History?
  • Prayer Meetings
  • What YOU Mean to Us
  • Support Groups

Spring 2014 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article Will the Church Show Justice and Mercy to the Same-Sex Attracted?
  • Support Groups update
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Poem by James Ryle
  • Save the Date: "Such Were Some of You" Documentary Screening and Seminar

Winter 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article Transformation of Persons with Same-Sex Attraction: Becoming Who We Are
  • Testimony of Transformation: Tammie Erwin
  • Pornography Facts
  • Testimony of Transformation: Verla-Marie Hull
  • End-of-Year Giving
  • End-of-Year Review

Summer 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Feature Article First Stone Ministries' Position on Advocating for Marriage
  • Restored Hope Conference Report
  • Article When Did Idolatry Become Compatible with Christianity? Why it Matters.
  • Pledge for upcoming expansion
  • Wedding Announcement