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Freedom From Lesbianism Videos - 1

The following women are testifying that they have permanently left a life of lesbianism.
All of these women want others to know that there is freedom from homosexuality and
being gay-identified through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. 

 Laura-Leigh Stanlake-T


Laura Leigh
Anne Paulk Pamela Ousley  Christine Sneeringer 
Charlene_Cothran-T Brooke_Donnelly-T  Miriam Alexander-T  JanetBoynes-T 
Charlene Cothran Brooke Donnelly Miriam Alexander Janet Boynes
Christie_May-T  Theresa_Renfroe-T  Linda_Jernigan-T  Maite_Rodriguez-T 
Christie May Theresa Renfroe Linda Jernigan

Maité Rodriguez

Part 2      
 Melissa_Fryrear-T   Melissa_Ingraham-T    
Melissa Fryrear Melissa Ingraham